Friday, December 02, 2016

Price Action approach to trade supply and demand l Forex Strategies to trade approach at supply

Forex strategies ways to find imbalance on a currency chart

Hi fellows readers, Its quite a while since I have updated blog with any chart or suggestions but the situations did not allow me as I really waited desperately for the Nov. 30 OPEC meeting to see If there is still holdings on crude can really move the market and create the panic and create risk and that is what has happened. But I really focus on charts to see the reaction and my last week entry to Aud/cad was the reason why I wait and concentrate a lot and there was no risk and reward is already 10-12 times as I mentioned areas on the chart very clearly.

Why I see reaction on historical chart when background is easy to read

As I mentioned above, you can watch as clearly on chart there was strong reaction while first supply hit the market and the reaction after breaking those areas was quite strong and you mentioned the first break and approach and price fell 400 pips and then we see reaction to few pips away from main supply and price fell to the bottom and from there we see reaction to supply which was consumed and another reaction to same consumed level to the demand which confirms that the true supply is somewhere else and that pin point react to the red line which I mentioned the was the real area of clean orders.

Price Action approach to true supply and to clean orders. Video can change the way you trade Forex

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Understanding price action means collecting pieces of puzzles to fit them into the overall context l Forex trading without indicators

Forex strategies ways to find imbalance on a currency chart

While trading is not the difficult but even as not as easy as we first anticipate while we make decision to trade Forex, We build several forex strategies, search several resources online for knowledge and opt for different style of trading with taking help of several indicators. But none of them work at all and atlast we left with nothing but to start it all over again.

Chart should be clear as crystal and context should fix with every price action move

While I spend years looking for help and certain methods to help me build any system that can help me make some money and built a successful career in Forex and Future market but all those years.

Let's understand the whole chart step by step and see what are the rules we need to know to use supply and demand in Forex trading. First of all we saw a strong bearish pressure and a recovery which calls it bearish flag and this bearish flag has two strong supplies as mentioned in the above chart.

While price test the first supply and got rejected and found demand and when price test it the second attempt then because of the fact it was consumed so price had to find demand at the last big orders where price spiked off. After price went through this first supply it met with the second supply area and the rejection was obvious but we never expect them in real as price can ignore strong supply and demand areas anytime.

While price rejected of this supply it use to behave at the previous supply turn demand and price found new buyers there and now we see the approach to the real supply of the flag which was also a strong bearish pressure and top of the bearish flag and approach to this flag was quite compressed and all the orders get filled and we can short at this strong supply when we have such context fiting into the background and we don't need any indicator and trendlines to tell us what to do in such scenarios.

In the following video you will Learn and understand How to read a currency chart with no help of any indicators and how it all fit into context with no risk

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Forex trading strategies for beginners l Supply and demand rules to trade

Forex strategies ways to find imbalance on a currency chart

I will update the blog for the rest of the month to help you find imbalance and some rules you need to follow to trade supply and demand in currency trading. It is not that difficult to trade currency with supply and demand but still it has to be patience that you need to test everytime you find setups on a chart.